Annual Blood Drive

Sportsmans Donor Club Challenge pin

Who Will Win This Year?

Ocean Reef Coast Guard Auxiliary
The Racquet Club
Ocean Reef Yacht Club
The Medical Center at Ocean Reef
Bonefish Bonnies
Card Sound Model Sailing Club
Bonefish & Tarpon Trust
Card Sound Sailing Club
Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce
Card Sound Club
Angler's Club
Ocean Reef Art League
Ocean Reef Club
Ocean Reef Rod and Gun Club
Ocean Reef Conservation Association
Ocean Reef Flying Club

Past Winners

2016: The Medical Center at Ocean Reef
2015: The Medical Center at Ocean Reef
2014: The Medical Center at Ocean Reef
2013: Card Sound Model Sailing Club
2012: Bonefish Bonnies

This year marks the sixth year for the Medical Center's Sportsman's Donor Club Challenge Blood Drive. It's a friendly competition for a good cause -- saving lives -- and your one-pint donation can save up to four lives! In 2016, 83 residents and employees donated during the Challenge, and we collected 78 units of blood. Over the Challenge's five-year history we have collected 502 units of blood!

How it Works

At left are the 16 identified organizations and clubs within the Ocean Reef and Key Largo Anglers Club communities. Each blood donor can attach his or her gift of blood to one of these organizations. The organization with the most donated blood will be the winner of the annual Challenge, and the winning organization will have its name proudly displayed on the permanent Sportsman's Donor Club Challenge plaque in the Medical Center. Every donor will receive the sixth edition of our collectible pin to exhibit his or her thoughtful participation in this worthy cause.

How to Participate

Option 1: You can donate blood at the Medical Center between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5, and Thursday, April 6. You can also donate at the following location on those days:

837 North Homestead Boulevard, #203
Homestead, Florida  33030

You may also donate on Friday, April 7, at B&B Theatre, 91264 Overseas Highway in Tavernier.

*To ensure an efficient and pleasant experience, please schedule your appointment with OneBlood by clicking here, selecting "Donate Now," and entering Sponsor Code 6258. Or, you can contact Nancy Brundage at 305-797-7028 or via email. 

Option 2: You can donate blood anytime between April 1 and April 8, anywhere in the United States, to qualify and earn your collectible pin. After making your donation, send an email here and include your name and the location and date of your donation. Select any of the 16 organizations or clubs for credit toward winning the Challenge.

Option 3: You can recruit a volunteer to donate for you! Both of you will earn a collectible Sportsman's Donor Club Challenge pin!

If You're Unable to Donate

If you are unable to make a blood donation due to medical, medication or FDA travel restrictions and you would still like to earn a collectible pin, contact Keith Young at the Medical Center at 305-367-6750 or via email. A small contribution to the Ocean Reef Medical Center Foundation would be appreciated to ensure the continuation of service excellence with trauma-related events within our community.

If you have any questions, contact OneBlood Area Representative Nancy Brundage at 305-797-7028 or via email.

Give the gift of blood. Your one-pint donation can save up to four lives!


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