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Friday, October 27, 2017

Mohs Surgery at the Medical Center

We are pleased to announce that visiting Dermatologist Dr. Alysa Herman will be expanding her services at the Medical Center to include Mohs Surgery in addition to her routine office visits. She will be making use of the dedicated Mohs Surgery Suite that was added during last year's expansion of the Medical Center (pictured at right). Her new services will begin Thursday, Nov. 2.

Dr. Herman is a fellowship-trained Miami Mohs Surgeon and a member of the American College of Mohs Surgery. She is highly skilled in the specialized processes and techniques required for Mohs Surgery.

Did your dermatologist recommend Mohs Surgery for the treatment of skin cancer? In this application of Mohs Surgery, skin cancer is removed layer by layer under localized anesthesia, achieving complete removal of the infected tissue. The procedure is complete once a “clear margin” is revealed. The treated area is then sutured and the patient can go home. Because of its unparalleled cure rate, Mohs Surgery is recommended not only for certain types of skin cancers but also for cancers that have recurred after initial treatment by conventional medical or surgical techniques.

The Medical Center has an excellent in-house dermatology program overseen by five Visiting Specialists including Dr. Herman and Drs. Arthur Colsky, Varee Poochareon, Theodore Giuffrida and Debra Price. For more information about these dermatologists or to make an appointment, visit our Visiting Specialists page.

Flu season will be here soon! Remember to get your flu vaccination at the Medical Center.


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